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(V) Involtini grilled aubergines rolled with

 tomato sauce and parmesan. 4.3

(V) Italian Olives 3

(V) Focaccia with salt & rosemary 4.3

(V) Freshly Baked Dough Balls served with a

 choice of garlic butter or Nutella  5.3

(GF) Italian meatballs with tomato sauce

& parmesan D.O.P. 4.3

(VG, GF) Polpette di Melanzane aubergine meatballs

served with tomato sauce and vegan parmesan 4.3

Salad & Selection Boards


Caprese Board sun-blush and fresh tomatoes tossed in pesto, whole buffalo mozzarella D.O.P., rocket, olive oil balsamic dip & foccaccia 13.75 

Add Bresaola 16

Selezione di Carne spicy salami, chorizio & Bresaola (cured beef), served with mini gherkins & focaccia 13.75

(V) Selezione di Vedure artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, peppers & grilled courgettes, served with focaccia 12.75

(V) Rabbit Salad rocket, courgettes, cherry tomatoes & parmesan

with a choice of raspberry balsamic, Caesar or honey & mustard dressings 9.25


Add to your salad: Buffalo mozzarella D.O.P.* or Pancetta or Goat’s cheese 3.75

(VG) Side salad rocket, cherry tomatoes & courgette.  3.25

The Pizzas


Our pizzas are also available on a White Rabbit Pizza Co. Gluten-Free base (add 3 to the pizza price) 

Most of our pizzas can also be made into calzone, but please do allow a little extra time.

Americana mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni & onion   11.25 

(V) Braccio di Ferro mozzarella, grated courgette, spinach, parmesan & pesto   11.25

Bufala buffalo mozzarella D.O.P., tomato sauce, basil & extra virgin olive oil   12.25

Capricciosa mozzarella, tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms, capers, artichokes & oregano   12.25

Classic Calzone mozzarella, tomato sauce, ham, mushrooms & artichokes   11.75

Diavola mozzarella, tomato sauce, pepperoni, peppers, anchovies & fresh chilli   13.25

Disco Inferno mozzarella, tomato sauce, Roman salame, Provola D.O.P., sundried tomatoes, fresh chilli & Tabasco   14.75

(V) Fungo Puro mozzarella, tomato sauce, chestnut and mixed wild mushrooms & truffle cream   15.25

(V) Garlic Pizza mozzarella & fresh garlic butter   9

(V) Goat’s Cheese mozzarella, tomato sauce, goat’s cheese, caramelised red onion & rocket   14

Italiana mozzarella, tomato sauce, ham, fresh tomatoes, Parmesan D.O.P. & basil   13.5

The Mad Hatter leave it to our chefs! Just let us know what you like & dislike   13.5

(V) Margherita mozzarella & tomato sauce   9

(V) Mediterranean Vegetable mozzarella, tomato sauce, peppers, courgettes, aubergines & parmesan   11.25

Molto Ben truffle cream, mozzarella, pancetta, onions, fresh garlic, parsley & chilli garlic seasoning  14.25

(VG) Orto di Nonno mozzarella, tomato sauce, courgettes, peppers, sundried tomatoes & rocket   12.75

Polpettina mozzarella, tomato sauce, beef meatballs, Parmesan D.O.P., sun-dried tomatoes & basil   13.25

Quattro Formaggi mozzarella, tomato sauce, goat’s cheese, Gorgonzola D.O.P. & Parmesan D.O.P.   14.5

Quattro Stagioni mozzarella, tomato sauce, ham, olives, mushrooms & pepperoni   13.25

(VG) Rosa Piccante tomato sauce, grilled peppers, parmesan, fresh chilli, flaked yeast, sun-dried tomatoes & basil   10.75

(V) Semplice mozzarella, mushrooms, onions, roasted cherry tomatoes & basil   11.25

Siciliana mozzarella, tomato sauce, anchovies, capers, olives & oregano   11

Spagnola mozzarella, tomato sauce, chorizo, peppers, onions & paprika   11.25

(V) Tapenade mozzarella, tomato sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, chilli & garlic, balsamic reduction & parsley  12.75

(VG) Tutte Vedere tomato sauce, peppers, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, courgettes, olives, capers, fresh garlic & vegan parmesan  13.75

Zola mozzarella, tomato sauce, gorgonzola, pancetta & pears   15.75

Mini Calzone


(Available Weekdays 12pm to 4.30pm)

(V) Bianco, goat's cheese, caramelised onions, black olives  5.25

(VG) Rosa olive tapenade, artichokes, vegan pepperoni  5.25

Marone, mozzarella, beef meatballs, sun-dried tomatoes & pesto 5.25

Scarlatta mozzarella, nuda, peppers 5.25

Tricolore, mozzarella, ham, sun-dried tomato & pesto 5.25


(V) Verde, mozzarella, spinach, courgette, rocket & pesto  5.25



Caramel Salted Brownie with single cream (V, GF)  5.75

iScream Ice scream (made in Oxford): Lotus biscuit, Chocolate, Strawberry or Blackberry flavours.

1 scoop 2.5

2 scoops 4.75

3 scoops 7.5

* D.O.P. – Denonminazione di Origine Protetta - it’s the real thing! Our normal mozzarella is vegetarian but Parmesan and Buffalo mozzarella are made using calf rennet. All our vegetarian and vegan dishes are made using exclusively vegetarian and vegan ingredients and alternatives.
Though we take every available precaution we can’t guarantee that there won’t be trace elements of allergens,

such as gluten, in our products.  Please let the staff know in advance if you have any allergies.

© 2020 The White Rabbit

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